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4.12 - Trump's decisions are turning out bad for the markets

The markets today are very volatile with so many changes going on in the world. We can see that currency market is trying to use the opportunity to grow against the greenback and while yen and pound have quite some steam to execute this task, euro is hesitant.

22.10 - people want Brexit...

It is no secret that Brexit turned a lot a heads in the time of the happening.

23.10 - oil falls two days...

Today, just like yesterday the oil market keeps on growing after a very noticeable fal

24.10 - Saudi Arabia drops...

It was obvious that prices for oil were going to bring us a lot of unpleasantness in the nearest

25.10 - markets erased...

Today there is no such thing as a safe place in the markets. There is no place to hide from the horrible jumps and rapid falls that we see...

26.10 - NASDAQ had the...

The United States market is in a real state of shock today with the index of American tech companies NSDAQ going to the lowest level in 7...

29.10 - world elections are...

Election craze is going around the world. Over the weekend several countries held their elections and it is now becoming obvious that...
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